Zach, Bradley And Ed Try to Find Out Who Looks Like Jennifer Aniston More.


Those impressions are amazing!

There is probably no country in the whole world where people like to laugh so much as in the United States. What is more surprising, something that you will rarely witness when you meet with people from other nations, is that Americans are just fantastic at mocking not only at others but also at themselves!

Perhaps it is exactly for this reason hardly any other country on the planet can proudly boast of such enormous number of various mock and fake contests, which would seem totally absurd, delirious, or even offensive to the majority of people around the globe.

Take, for example, such bold and crazy ideas as competitive eating or a huge variety of challenges that a “normal” person from another nation would never agree to do.

These, as well as the Pan-American thirst for adventure and questioning their power, must be the causes of the numerous stand-up comedy shows, sketch shows, dress up shows, or look alike contests. Today, these are not simply taking place around the country but are widely broadcast to entertain the viewers.

What makes these shows even more popular is the willingness of celebrities to participate and have fun with everyone. One of such delightful competitions is the Look Alike Contest conducted by the famous Saturday Night Live TV show – music and comedy program, which is one of the oldest and most widely known shows going on NBC Channel.

This time they are featuring another celebrity – one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, the star of Friends, Jennifer Aniston. The mock contest, which is called in her name Jennifer Aniston Look Alike Contest is presented by four well-known American actors.

This makes the whole thing even more appealing to viewers and a really perfect getaway from the seriousness of life and undertakings we face in our daily lives!