Young Boy Owns the Stage with Incredible Cover of “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande


This was unbelievable. One of the toughest instruments!

Where do talents come from? Is it a genetic gift or the efforts of parents and teachers who are given the role of caring sculptors? The question of the emergence of talent is a big mystery. Whether talent is inherent in genes or over time in a child, humanity does not yet know for sure. But here’s what we know for sure!

The task of every parent and person who from time to time acts as a mentor for young performers is to give them the opportunity to show their talent. It is sad if we face the reverse side of the coin, when there is only a great desire of man, and talent is lacking. Then cooperation, movement forward is possible, but, probably, without masterpieces. All parents know for sure: for all moms and dads, their children are a priori talented.

For some – ingenious. It happens so often and you also know such parents. One way or another, the task of an adult is to give that field of possibilities on which all the fertile grain will give its sprouts. Very often parents want to realize their own unrealized fantasies in their children: “My child really needs to play the violin!”

And so, parents send the child to music school, where she spends three evenings a week and enviously thinks of peers who play football at the same time. This is selfishness in its purest form. If you really love your child, ask and see what he wants and what he longs for, then the potential will not be so difficult to see. Guess what!

Children can sometimes be wrong – today there is a dream to become an actor and play Spider-Man, tomorrow – to sing on stage, the day after tomorrow – to fly a fighter. Therefore, it is necessary to try yourself in this, and in that, and not immediately dive headfirst into some one potential area for development.

In the video below you’re going to see see the little boy who has discovered his talent. He came to the America’s Got Talent to show him playing cello and it’s really wonderful. He covered the famous song by Ariana Grande. Please watch the video!