You’ll Non Stop Laugh with These AGT Comedians. Watch


They are really the funniest!

Preacher Lawson and Drew Lynch might be the best comedians on America’s Got Talent, but they still have to show their talents to the audience when they step into the spotlight. You won’t be able to get enough of these guys as you see them on the screen, and we think that they are seriously underrated.

Although there is a lot of comedy acts these days, the contestants get out of their way to show us how it’s truly done and get even more fans to provide them with their ultimate support. Do not forget to check out the performances below to shape your own opinion about the stunning contestants. Andrew Lynch is one of the fan favorites that will win your heart right away.

He managed to get international recognition due to his sizzling acts, and even though he told the judges that his stuttering could be a serious impediment for him in the past, now he is ready to embrace his talents and help the audience to boost their mood. Due to the popularity of Andrew’s channel on YouTube, he gained more than a million subscribers.

This young man is certain that you can always turn something negative into something positive if you want to, and his performance is so special that the fans already praise him for the ability to bring comedy into the everyday situations and wow the judges with his attitude. He is not shy about saying what he thinks, and the same can be said about the first comedian on the show, known as Preacher Lawson.

He was the finalist on America’s Got Talent as well, and now, he is appearing on the spin-off series to show everyone what he is capable of. You will be delighted to meet the two on stage. Although the comedy acts are not uncommon these days, they are often overshadowed by the singing performances on the program.

This is the reason we have to be especially thankful to the artists that had chosen this path. They know how to charm the viewers, and this is enough for us to watch the tape again and again. See the comedians that got the whole room applauded for them, and prepare to be stunned!