World’s Funniest Flight Attendant Leaves Passengers in Stitches. A Must See!


Made my day!

Daniel Sandberg may become the new king of comedy, and when you learn more about this extraordinary man, you will definitely agree that he deserves to be mentioned in the news feed. He managed to entertain all the passengers on the Orlando flight.

They were heading to Colorado Springs, but they had no idea that they would be presented with a quality show along the way. This is how you make any routine a piece of entertainment! The hilarious moments are the courtesy of Daniel, who can turn the ordinary flight into the magical experience in a matter of seconds.

The media users are already calling Sandberg the funniest attendant in the world. He started his speech by introducing his colleagues, and that had the audience in stitches. One of the passengers decided to capture the interaction on camera, and the video went viral as soon as it was uploaded.

The audience reacted to Daniel’s lines almost at once, and other passengers reported that everyone was perked up in a matter of seconds. It took the flight attendant only a few minutes to make the crowd laugh.

His speech was gradually escalating in humor, starting with choosing the favorite child that shows the most potential and putting the lifebelt on him first to inflating the yellow bikini and blowing on the red button that he has no idea how to use! Sandberg did not forget to mention that the airlines the passengers are using are known to be the budget masks, so the passengers would have to tend to themselves if necessary.

According to the sources, the man was telling jokes from his own experience. He knows that there are a lot of people on the plane that are no fans of traveling, that’s why he made sure that they all felt comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the trip.

This was definitely one of the most hilarious routines from a flight attendant, and the video that features one of his colleagues chuckling at his jokes and smiling all the way through the safety instructions gained over a million views. This is a good way to lift your mood if you are too busy during the day!