Woman Who Saved 20 Kids from Flaming Bus Gets Incredible Surprise from Ellen. Have a Look


She deserves this!

Renita Smith is a bus driver who saved the lives of children on her shift. She came on Ellen to share the story of heroics with the viewers, and the tale that she has been telling the fans is truly captivating. We should start by saying that the day had been running fine for Renita until she noticed that there was something wrong with the dashboard on the bus.

It continued to emit the beeping noise which became really troubling. Before long, Renita had to stop the vehicle to learn more about what was going on. She told the host of the show that the children were anxious as well, so she had to come up with the plan to save them all and minimize the danger for the local community.

The users were thrilled when they heard Renita referring to the school kids as her babies, adding that she would do something every mom would do. She did not expect to gain national fame as she went inside the bus after it had been engulfed by the flames. According to the hero of the story, she had to ensure that everyone got out safely.

When Ellen asked the hero of the day whether she was scared, the lady replied that she was more anxious about the children that could get in trouble, and this is the reason she went into the bus without hesitation. Soon after the community had found out about the heroic deeds that she had been a part of, they showered the lady with praise and continued to hold the ceremonies in her honor.

Ellen decided to prepare a special gift for Renita, who showed all her courage when she had to act fast. She told the lady that she is aware of the difficulties that she is struggling with. The bus-driver is really hard-working, and yet, she has been living from paycheck to paycheck, which means that she can’t provide her family with everything they need.

With the gift from Ellen that would certainly help Renita to make her life more comfortable, the bus driver can rest assured knowing that she won’t have to scramble for funds if she decides to buy something for her family. Watch the episode below and prepare to enjoy the footage!