Woman Who Lost Half Her Body Gets Amazing Makeover. Just Look at How Beautiful She Is!


Absolutely different person!

Ashleigh appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to inspire the audience and share the details of her progress with the world. She told the press that she was led by the desire to drastically change her attitude to life and switch her eating habits.

Now, she is a believer in solid foods and healthy daily plan that allows her to have snacks and still lead a life that is full of energy and accomplishments. She was invited on the show to upgrade her style. After the impressive weight loss that left the audience in awe, Ashleigh thought of a wardrobe transformation that would help her makeover to become complete.

The stylists talked to the lady about the possible solutions that she might suggest in her style. Ashleigh confesses that she always tended to gravitate towards the tomboy clothing, including jeans, hoodies and flannel shirts. However, she now feels the need to take the game to the next level and show the world that she can be classy and elegant as well.

When she comes into the studio after the transformation, the crowd roars in delight, and we can’t hide our astonishment at the sight of the woman who managed to turn the regular notions upside down and display her true attitude in front of the viewers. She craved for a change that would help her find the strength within, and she finally signed up for the competition, it was the step that she had been struggling to take for the past years.

You will be blown away when you witness the transformation below. It shows us that you can achieve your goals if you have enough determination to accept the challenge. Ashleigh takes over the stage in a bright dress, and it is no wonder that people are giving her a standing ovation.

In addition to the weight loss and the makeover that helped her feel more confident, this wonderful lady inspired many users around the world. She is now waiting for the big surprise to happen. As the beauty director of People Half Their Size enters the studio, she suggests that they do a feature on Ashleigh right away. The woman seems genuinely happy!