Woman Saves Pregnant Dog That Gives Birth to 18 Puppies.


Thank you very much for helping this beautiful dog family.

June 9 is International Friends Day. On this day, it is impossible to ignore the most loyal and sincere friend of man – a dog. A lot of time has passed since the domestication of this four-legged friend. Throughout these centuries, dogs have helped people in everything, being faithful helpers on the hunt, guarding their owners and their homes, raising their spirits when their owners were sad, and even giving their lives for them when circumstances demanded.

Dogs are not demanding in relationships, they tend to give rather than ask for something for themselves. Their love is unconditional and does not depend on how successful, wealthy, beautiful and so on their owner is. They just love us. If a person has done a good deed for a dog, his gratitude to him will never disappear. For most of us, this is very important. After all, what do we expect from friendship?

Attention, support, the feeling that one will always come to your aid. This is exactly what a loving dog will always give to its owner in abundance. Emotional support from a four-legged friend allows many to avoid depression. It is the boundless love and devotion of a four-legged friend, his ability to provide us with such powerful emotional support that allows us to find the strength to cope with any difficulties.

Dogs want to be with us in joy and sorrow, they are rarely loyal friends. This feature was noticed and used for the benefit of patients by doctors. Practice has shown that the opportunity to see your pet can improve vital signs, alleviate depression and feelings of isolation, it is a reminder to the patient that he has a reason why he should recover and return home. Patients visit their dogs weekly and usually last about an hour.

A true friend will always be able to give hope and faith in the best in a difficult situation. We have to appreciate the attitude of the dogs and help them too. In the video below you will see the incredible story.