Woman Humorously Shows Reality Vs Instagram Pictures Differences and It Will Make Your Day!


I like her sense of humor!

Some of us literally become stressed as we start scrolling through the Instagram pages and social accounts several times a day. Glamorous lifestyles and luxurious outfits can be too much to handle for those, who start questioning their choices in life and trying to uncover the truth behind the perfect images on the screen.

However, there are people who are determined to reveal the true state of affairs for the viewers. They feel like it’s their mission to enlighten the media resources on the subject of photo editing and airbrushing the photos to the point where you don’t look like your real self. It’s a part of the social culture that needs to be explained to the audience, who have no idea about the platform.

If you think that some images that are featured on Instagram are indeed over the top, you will be interested to discover the gallery below. Geraldine West is a lady who decided to defy the rules and show what reality looks like. She started a project that is called “Instagram vs. Reality”, and you can see why it has become so popular!

  1. No matter how long you pack your bags, you will always end up having more luggage than your friends. This is a dilemma that is solved instantly if you are posing for an Instagram account. In real life, however, everything is so much more complicated. We guess we can relate to the lady in the second photo. She doesn’t want to be late, so she doesn’t care about taking a picture!

  1. You can be the king of the world, but you will never be as cute as the pup in the photo. Some say that he is even better than the pineapple in the first pic. This is what happens when we capture the true essence of packing. You can’t go on a trip, knowing that you did not take all the essentials that might probably come in handy over the course of time.

  1. The sprayed-on abs are the perfect illustration of the fake reality that is created on the social media. Geraldine wanted to show us that hitting the gym is not going to look as if you are in the middle of a relaxing massage session. The harsh truth can be found on the right, and we agree with the lady, who wants to promote a healthy lifestyle among the youngsters.

  1. When you don’t have a boyfriend, you need to be creative. This is what stands behind the images that are too good to be true. You’ve got to hold a fake hand for a while!

  1. There are two types of girls. Some of them love flowers and romantic gestures that are a great way to determine whether he is in love with you. The second group features the ladies who think that non-edible presents are a waste of time. They prefer to have a meal from McDonald’s, and judging by the comments, the majority of the viewers can relate to the picture. This is what affection means in real life!

Geraldine shows herself in the everyday situations as she is busy packing her bags or sitting in the bath. Though the edited part of the images indeed looks like it has been taken out of some girl’s ideal Instagram account, the right section is meant to portray the reality in its purest form.

Though there are people, who desperately want their pictures to illustrate the exact way they are living, it is impossible to reach the same effect in everyday surroundings. You will inevitably fall into the trap of airbrushing, and the project would not reflect the honest state of affairs.

The lady below, on the other hand, is not afraid to display the events from her life with brutal, unapologetic honesty. As much as the users want the Instagram pictures to be realistic, this is not attainable due to excess of editors that exist for this particular social platform. People like West help others accept themselves with all their imperfections and flaws. The users have to admit that not everything needs to be polished as you post it on then media!

  1. When you have a snowball fight outside, you need to remember that it does not guarantee you will receive perfect Instagram pics afterwards. We guess that the choice needs to be made here: you can either hold a heart in your hand or be covered in snow from head to toe. The lovers of entertainment know the answer!

  1. Although we all have different body types and shapes, some of us still struggle to achieve the renowned hourglass figure. The experts claim that this is not about the stereotypical looks, since we can make the outfit work under any circumstances. The key is to know the right color and be focused on your personal comfort!

  1. Taking a bath is a lot different when you are not posing for the cameras. You have to apply the mask and sit in the hot water for hours. The girl to the left looks like she is having a swimming pool party while the lady on the right is not impressed with what is going on around her. She probably had a long day, and now, she wants to relax!

  1. Most of us do not strive to look aesthetically pleasing while sleeping, but the Instagram reality is steadily dictating the rules. The first picture looks like a scene out of the movie, but the second one is definitely closer to reality. When you have to manage many tasks at once, it is natural that you can become confused. The lady is willing to show us what happens if we decide that we had enough editing in our photos and want to display the real personality to the world. This is something that you won’t be able to miss by all means!

  1. Pugs are always beautiful, and the picture below shows us that you can never be wrong if you take them one home. He does not require editing to look fabulous. This is a true boss in the house, and he knows it. He also controls everything and is deeply loved by the family members!