Woman Absolutely Shook the Audience With Her Vocal On The X Factor


Never judge a book by its cover.

An absolutely bright example of this saying in action is the participant of X-factor in the USA – Panda Ross. Nobody expected anything extraordinary because of her quite timid appearance, but everybody was shocked when heard her wonderful voice in the song of Sam Cooke called “Bring It on Home to Me”.

It may seem that is a little too late for Panda Ross to start her singing career. But she begs to disagree! Despite the fact that nobody would believe in her talent, she decided to make her mark in the world as a marvelous singer.

Panda is simple and sincere person with hard life. She was born in prison in Huntsville and raised by her grandmother. In her life were prostitution, men and drugs, and as a result, she got into prison just like her mother. However, in 1997 her life changed.

She’s been free of addiction ever since. Her proudest accomplishment is that she raised two kids who have not succumbed to the lifestyle she once lived. She is currently a worship leader and the children’s choir director for the Victory Outreach Church of Dallas. While watching her performance it is important to notice the reaction of the jury.

Everyone has no words, their smiles and eyes show that they are impressed and delighted. Speaking of the main assessors – spectators, everybody was touched. After the performance only positive comments sounded and of course the four said their unanimous “YES!”

Since the show, Panda has made a complete transformation: she has lost over 100 pounds, furthered her vocal training, and sang in churches & other venues all over the USA.

This was just the first of the many comebacks in her life. In fact, it encouraged one resurrection after the next. Panda Ross is the woman who can be an example for a lot of people because of her spiritual strength, determination and purposefulness. Nothing is impossible when you really want something.

And now just enjoy the video of the performance this marvelous woman.