Willie Nelson’s Son Tells Some News About Father’s Health


Wow does he sound like his father. I love it. Good son and very talented!

Nowadays we live trough hard times and the situation with this awful disease of 2020 stroke many people. Recently the famous country singer, adorable Willie Nelson also got hit by the undisclosed illness. And the legend of music had to cancel many concerts in different states. Nelson’s welfare and health got worst during his Willie Nelson and Family Tour.

Anyway, the country singer promised to come back very soon and to be stronger than ever! Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas Nelson informed us about his father’s health condition with help of social media.

He made a post where he wrote: “Happy to report this Valentine’s Day that dad is feeling great and will be back on the road.. Music and Love are a healing combination”. Many fans all over the world pray for him and show the support. Nelson’s manager has informed the society about good news and Nelson’s health and said that Willie wants to continue the tour! No one wants to disappoint his favorite fans.

Have you heard the news by the way? Willie Nelson’s album called “First Rose of Spring” was recently released! Awesome 70th album of the American musician was supposed to be released in April, for his 87th birthday, but the release was delayed and the world greeted the album on July 3, 2020.

The album includes 11 tracks by various authors: Nelson himself, his longtime co-author Buddy Cannon, incredible Chris Stapleton, wonderful Toby Keith, amazing Billy Joe Shaver and others. Below you can watch Willie Nelson’s son singing a touching cover of the hymn Hallelujah. Nowadays we need hope, power to stay strong. We need to believe in better world and that everything will be alright. Lukas Nelson support many people and we support his father. Wish them health!

Watch the video below and stay safe and healthy!