Willie Nelson’s Son Sings ‘Always on My Mind’ and He Is as Good as His Famous Father. Check Out


What a voice!

Lukas Nelson is not only a celebrity that has many followers on the media but also a start in his own right. His group usually performs in the combined genres of rock and country, and the leader of the team says that they are following in the footsteps of the best musicians of their generation.

The following rendition proves that Lukas has a talent that can’t be compared to other country artists of his age. He is definitely unsurpassed when it comes to the natural delivery of the compositions that are considered to be one of the most complicated on the modern scene.

The lounge atmosphere of the clip should not trick you into thinking that Nelson does not understand the importance of perfect delivery. He once again proves that he is the best when it comes to his craft. Earning the place in the spotlight with the effortless cover, the man styles himself as one of the country singers of the past.

The following hit belongs to the golden classic, and the name of the composition will remind the singers about the songs that were named timeless as soon as they appeared on the screen and were released in the studio. “You Were Always On My Mind” is a melody that goes straight to your heart.

Those, who have been following Lukas and his personal path to fame for a long time, claim that talent runs in the family. The young vocalist has the voice that reminds the older generation of his father, and we think that he delivers the cover with all the strength that earned him a place among the stars of the genre.

The combination of rock and country may seem unusual to those, who have never listened to the song, but you will soon find out that the hit has the magical capacity to win hearts as soon as it is performed in front of the large audience.

A son of the country legend earns his legacy once again, and it is natural that so many people are mesmerized by the hit. Press play and learn more about the cover that is indeed one of a kind. It reminds us that decent music should be praised by the fans!