Willie Nelson and Shania Twain Perform Together on Stage and Give Us Chills


This touched me so deeply.

For three decades, Shania Twain has been the best-selling country artist of all time. Shania is 40% Irish, but she has English, Swedish, Scottish roots, as well as some French, Indian and Spanish genes. The family of Shania’s mother emigrated to Canada in 1912. Her great-grandmother and great-grandfather were a little late for their flight and did not have time to buy tickets for the Titanic.

During the World Crisis, her father’s father during the Prohibition period drove moonshine in the forests of Northern Ontario. Hometown of Shania Timmins is a small mining town in Northern Ontario with a strong ice hockey team. As a child, Shania often visited the Mattagami Indian Reservation, where she was taught to hunt, set up a rabbit trap and navigate the forest. Shania gave her first performance on the counter of one of Timmins’ restaurants at the age of three.

By the age of 11, she was already performing professionally in bars. Shania composed her first song at the age of 10. It was called “Love Is A Rose” (“Love is a rose”). When she was a child, Shania never grew two teeth, so she had two terrible holes between her teeth. When the singer was little, money in the Twain family was rare, so they even divided milk into several portions. Most often they had to eat elk and beaver meat, which was sent from the reservation.

When the family went on a hike, the father took with him only flour and sugar. Children had to find their own food in the forest. As a teenager, Shania worked in the forest, planting trees and fighting pests. In her first group, Longshot, Shania wore spandex pants, a headband, and creepy curls. The drummer was her first serious boyfriend. In Toronto, Shania worked as a waitress, supermarket clerk and manager for a computer company. In 1987, Shania once performed with the Toronto City Symphony Orchestra. It was a concert for native Canadians organized by her then-boyfriend.

Watch her performance below. Willie nelson joined her for a perfect duet.