Wild Cat Hiss at Man Who Rescued Him But Soon Fell In Love


This cat was so lucky to be saved.

It is very sad to admit, that there are a lot of homeless animals on the streets. Many of them become angry and vulnerable. These animals are afraid of people and other animals. And they do not trust anyone. To tame such animals very difficult. People do not approach homeless animals and urge other people to control them.

But today you will see a completely different story. One man to whom it does not matter, how many wounds he gets when he saves this stray cat. This man walked along the road and saw a cat whose head was stuck in a can. He was probably very hungry and wanted to eat leftovers, but unfortunately turned out to be in a dangerous situation

. His head was stuck in a tin can. This man was not scared and went up to a stray cat and helped her to pull her head out of the can. When he pulled her head out the cat began to show aggression. Cat hissed at the man who saved her. The cat didn’t say thank you after saving from death, but on the contrary, the man saw all her rage.

The animal tried to get out of the car but the doors were closed. Then the man decided to give the choice to the animal. He opened the doors and decided to see if she would leave or not. He counted 10 seconds and the cat made his choice. He stayed in the car. Then the man took the cat to the vet. All this brought him many bites and scratches.

However, the kind man did not refuse the animal and saved his life. The cat finally got used to its savior and it took five whole days! Now the cat allows itself to be stroked and loved. Who is this mysterious savior? This kind man owns animal shelter. His name is Takis, now there are more than 400 dogs in his shelter. It is located on the island of Crete in Greece.

Today, this man is engaged in daily rescuing homeless animals and taking care of them. Let’s watch the video where we learn this story better!