Watch This Sensual Kizomba by Stunning Couple Albir & Sara. Incredible!


Do you want to dance, but do not know what kind of dance will suit you?

Perhaps, it is the kizomba that will become the ideal variant! We tell what the essence of the dance is, where it originated and where it can be learned. Kizomba – a kind of modern dance with a rapidly growing popularity.

It is filled with romance and passion at the same time. He is danced exclusively in pairs. Slow and smooth movements, very close contact with a partner, fascinating Portuguese music — all this is an atmosphere of dance kizomba.

In order to begin to dance, it is not necessary to be a professional or to practice choreography for a long time. It is accessible to all who are willing to speak in body language. Kizomba is a sensual slow dance, during which the partners are very close to each other, almost touching the chest.

The kizomb dance is somewhat similar to bachata, but it does not have such complex ligaments and many turns, so it will be easier to master it. It’s especially easy to dance kizomba to someone who is already familiar with rhythmic dances. The dance quickly spread around the world, beginning with Brazil, Mozambique and, of course, Portugal.

Over time, he penetrated the dance parties in London, and from there spread throughout Europe. Music for kizomba is often accompanied by words in Portuguese. Kizomba, in principle, is reminiscent of Argentine tango, but much easier to perform. The dance quickly fell in love with lovers of salsa and other forms of social dance with its simple structure and easy rhythmic music.

Performing a dance, it is important to listen to the rhythm and count the steps. In this dance it is especially important that the partner leads. Partnera mirror the partner’s movements. During the performance, you can not think about every next step. You need to listen to music and give yourself to the rhythm. This dance is not a mechanical movement, but a hot, but calm dialogue of two bodies.

Partners should learn to feel each other in dance. In the video below we suggest you look at a very good performance of the kizomba dance performed by Sarah Panero and Albir Rojas.