Watch Sensual Wedding Rumba Dance to Ed Sheeran Song


This music suits perfectly to the wedding dance.

A wedding for the bride is an expected and exciting event. Wedding for the groom is a balanced, thoughtful and heartfelt step. Unexpected joy for friends. For distant relatives sometimes it is just throwing money to the wind. And for relatives is the test is equivalent to the competition for endurance of nerves, money and endurance.

A classic wedding includes a set of certain traditions and fashion trends. It begins with the meeting of the groom. The bride’s morning is increasingly accentuated by the decor in the style of the wedding. This is followed by a photo-walk of the couple, an exit ceremony, a banquet, the first dance of the wedding couple, cutting a cake, a dance of the bride and dad, throwing a bouquet and a garter, fireworks.

The couple may abandon the ritual, which they did not like, and include the one that the newlyweds invented themselves, but in general, a classic wedding has a certain scheme, which is customary to follow. So that one classic wedding does not look like another, like twin brothers, different wedding styles come to the rescue, which bring individuality and zest to any traditional holiday.

But if you want to make one of the most important events in your life original, different from classic weddings, do not deny yourself this desire! A themed wedding is exactly what will set your holiday apart from others and create an original atmosphere for the newlyweds and their guests. Its essence is that the wedding script is created in a certain thematic style.

One of the most important things on the wedding party is of course the dance of the groom and bride. You can choose the classic dance like waltz or something like this to slow and beautiful music. But nowadays more often couples choose modern dances like hip hop or breakdance. In the video below you’re going to see another beautiful and unique wedding dance. Emotional rumba that won’t leave you indifferent.

Watch and enjoy, please.