Watch Incredible Dance Routine By Latin Ballroom Dancers That Will Blow Your Mind


I honestly have no idea who will win.

In fact, the range of Latin American choreography is extremely large, rich and colorful. Latin American dance is not a kind of choreography but a direction of ballroom choreography which includes a large number of dance genres, both professional and non-professional.

Professional division refers to one of the programs that has certain specified standards, namely – this is the Latin American standard, non-professional is social choreography. Of course, it is impossible to say exactly when Latin American dances originated, because it is not one dance but a whole set of them, so each of them has its own history of origin.

A Latin American program that has prescribed standards must meet them, both in performance and in other aspects. Professional Latin is usually practiced by children from an early age, for this there are certain institutions called ballroom dance clubs, from an early age children take part in various competitions, and if they do not leave this class until adulthood, they have the opportunity to get a candidate masters of sports, because this kind of choreography belongs to the sport of dance.

Each of the types of such choreography has a corresponding costume, shoes and musical accompaniment. Although Latin American dances are considered paired, there are exceptions, so that those dancers in which the couple breaks up have the opportunity to dance further, introduced a Latin solo program, usually danced by girls, but sometimes there are also boys.

You can learn the Latin American ballroom program at any age and for anyone, but it is unlikely that it will still be at a high level, unlike social Latin, social dances – everyone dances, regardless of age, gender and training, usually adults who like it. dancers who like to relax in this way after a hard day’s work, and who in principle have absolutely nothing to do with the professional world of dance.

Watch the incredible dance routine below.