Watch Hilarious Whoopi Goldberg’s Entrance On Oscars 1999.


She looks amazing!

Whoopi Goldberg (real name Karin Elaine Johnson) is one of the most striking actresses in the history of modern cinema. Remaining passionate admirer of the comedy genre, this talented African-American at the same time never tires of surprising spectators and film critics and deeper dramatic roles. Her career has everything — laughter and tears, joy and sorrow.

That’s why our today’s heroine can be called with absolute certainty a completely unique actress. Looking at the list of her screen roles, you can confidently say that among her works everyone can easily find those pictures that seem interesting to him. A woman who became a real legend of world cinema.

Comedy, fantasy, detectives, dramas — Whoopi Goldberg was everywhere good. And the admirers of the star with the same admiration perceived their favorite actress in various roles. Dramatic tapes “Mississippi Ghosts”, “Long way home”, “Homer and Eddie” — these are masterpieces of world cinema, which entered the gold fund.

Whoopi does not hesitate in the expressions. For this, she is considered one of the rudest actresses of Hollywood. The actress is also known as a TV presenter who knows how to keep the audience “in good shape” and entertain. For several years she participated in the humorous program “Comedy Aid”.

And after 1994, when the star was entrusted to lead the ceremony of the Oscar award, she is regularly invited as a host to such events. Goldberg was never one to shy away from controversy during her tenure as Oscar host, perhaps best exemplified by her 1999 hosting gig in which she started the ceremony in full Elizabethan costuming, complete with perfectly painted white face.

The white African queen speaking with an English accent is a royal treat to watch even today. Queen Elizabeth I said: “Good evening, loyal subjects — I am the African Queen.” Then after removing the makeup, she asked, “Who knew it was this hard to get a virgin off your face?” This great actress can surprise.

Thanks to her Oscar 1999 forever went down in history.