Watch Her Majesty, the Queen Hilarious Appearance at Got Talent Show


That was pretty fun. Made me smile.

Sit down and make comfortable because you are going to have fun now! In the video below you’re going to see the hilarious impression of the queen of Great Britain! And here are some facts about her.

Amazing queen Elizabeth was born in 1926, in the Mayfair district of London, at the residence of the Earl of Strathmore on Bruton Street, 17 огодні. Elizabeth II was the third in line for the crown. The marriage of the queen and her husband Philip lasts longer than the marriages of other crowned persons.

Elizabeth and Philip were married in 1947 and celebrated in the fall of 2019 the anniversary. The queen adores corgi dogs. Elizabeth II had more than 30 pets of this breed. The queen herself also bred a new breed of dog called the dorgi – a mixed breed of dachshund and corgi. In addition to corgis she raised Labradors and Cocker Spaniels.

Elizabeth II supports British designers: she wears not only clothes made to order, but also often appears in front of the subjects in clothes from magnificent Alexander McQueen, legendary Stewart Parvin and amazing Angela Kelly.

Elizabeth II never has problems with “naughty” clothes. The fact is that the hems of her skirts and dresses are sewn with small weights that do not allow the edge of the clothes to rise too high. The queen always eats breakfast at 8 am, she is served Earl Gray tea and some pastries in the bedroom.

Thus begins Her Majesty’s Day, in the organization of which at least hundreds of people take part. Elizabeth received her first pony as a gift from her grandfather when she was 4 years old. Since then, the queen is in love with horses and horse racing, even now sometimes rides.

She is a great woman, she is inspiring. The Queen has rich biography but today you’re going to see her in something different. Of course the video below is just joke but it is worth seeing because it will cheer you up! Watch the video and have fun!