Watch Gomer Pyle Trying to Get Over the Wall And It’s Hilarious!


Absolute genius!

The television industry would have never become what it is today without certain prominent personalities, trend-setters, and role-models whose work, commitment, and talent shaped cinematography for many years and even decades in advance.

Gomer Pyle is one of the comedy actors who have inspired the following few generations of comedians with their high-quality humor! Gomer Pyle was and still remains a favorite character for the TV viewers, who enjoyed the shows the kind of The Andy Griffith Show.

Unfortunately, the outstanding American actor Jim Nabors has passed away recently at the age of 87. Because of the astma problems Jim developed in early childhood he moved from Alabama to California and for the rest of his life he was living in Hawaii, claiming that he found peace in the place which greatly contrasted the busy Hollywood industry.

He was a brilliant actor, and his colleagues call him goofy and super talented at the same time. He left the TV industry several time to return to it again and again, each time finding himself in a new amplois. He hosted numerous shows, including his own The Jim Nabors Show.

Despite the fact that the show was broadcast for only one season, for this work Nabors was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host or Hostess in a Talk, Service or Variety Series. He also made use of his incredible baritone and was popular in California and Hawaii nightclubs.

In 1973, Jim Nabors sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the beginnIng of Game One of the Major League Baseball World Series. As for the character of Gomer Pyle, it is not merely a part of the old television show that was on for many years, it is a name card of Mr. Nabors and role millions of viewers and fans of good old comedy will remember him forever.

Hope you will enjoy it.