Watch Family Helping 94-Year-Old Grandpa to Glide Down a Waterslide


Thanks for sharing this! It made my day!

Today you will be the witness of the very touching moment in a family of Roy Beller from Oklahoma. This family is very strong and we will see how the members can love and care about each other. So when 94 year-old Granpda decided to join a pool party, his relatives ran to him and made his wish come true. They helped him to slide down the waterslide! Prolonging human life is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity.

The aging of the majority of the population of Ukraine is a pathological, accelerated variant. This is largely due to diseases that most often cause premature death or disability (atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, malignancies, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, parkinsonism, etc.).

Accelerated aging is due to the combined effect on the body of environmental factors (environmental, socio-economic, irrational lifestyle, stress, etc.) and internal factors (actually age-related changes in the body).

Reducing or stopping the negative impact of environmental factors (improving the environmental situation, medical and social care, increasing incomes) in combination with radical lifestyle changes (nutrition, smoking cessation and other bad habits, active exercise) are prerequisites for successful prevention of accelerated aging.

Most scientists believe that the average life expectancy can and should be 120-150 years. We shorten our lives. Aging can occur in two ways: physiological (natural) or pathological (accelerated). Physiological aging is a prerequisite for active longevity, while accelerated aging contributes to the development of pathological conditions and diseases.

Let’s watch the amazing moment in the video below! Thank you Roy for sharing such a special moment of your life. We can clearly see what is support and care about old people.