Watch This Crazy Night Dance Of Mom And Son In the Kitchen Of Louisiana.


Lucky mom. Lucky son.

In Louisiana, we do things very differently than the rest of the country. It’s why we love it here so much. Put a Louisianian in a room of people from around the U.S. and you’ll have no problem figuring out who it is. When Lucy Stevens of Napoleonville, Louisiana couldn’t sleep one night, she enlisted her adult son Lance, to take her for a spin around the family kitchen.

“When you can’t sleep in southern Louisiana, you dance!” Lucy exclaims early in the video. The resulting video is going insanely viral and it’s pretty easy to understand why! With their family cheering them on, the pair turned on the song “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor and did a routine they’ve clearly practiced for a long time.

In fact, judging by the comfortable way he moves around, it looks like Lance has been dancing with his mama in the kitchen for his entire life.

With the experience they have under their belt and the practice they’ve had for so long, the duo just snaps naturally into the dance routine. The mom-son dance duo boogie and slide across the kitchen floor with astonishing ease.

They have some really smooth moves! Not just their dancing is impressive, but their facial expressions are simply adorable to watch. The dance is simple enough, but they’re having such a wonderful time together that it makes us all wish we could have an impromptu dance party with our loved ones!

The way they laugh and smile at each other truly melts your heart, and everyone who watches this clip finds themselves overcome with joy. At one point, Lucy quotes a song lyric and tells the camera operator, “Yes, I am a lady.” Lance can’t help but break down in giggles at his sassy mom, pretending to fall to the floor, doubled-over with laughter.

The video has been watched millions of times on YouTube! Take a look at the video below, and don’t forget to share it to make someone smiles today.