Young Girl Sings “Over the Rainbow” Cover and Her Magical Voice Turns All 3 Coaches Around


What a voice!

The Voice Kids is a show that gives many young contestants an opportunity to shine and receive exposure on the professional level. You can’t deny that some of the singers that appear on the show are able to captivate the crowd with their presence.

They are not afraid to show off their capacities in front of the large audience. Though some of them are definitely agitated to stand in front of the large groups of people, they agree with the saying that real talent needs to be shared with the world.

The same can be said about Anna, who makes an entrance on the spin-off series of The Voice of Holland. This version of the show hosts the vocalists that are allowed to perform the melody of choice and fight for the place in the finale. The Dutch interpretation of the popular contest has gained many followers on the media.

They are cheering for the contestants who have never stepped into the limelight before, and it is only fitting that they are flooding the tape with positive comments. Anna is a little worried about the outcome of the audition, and yet, she stuns the crowd with the wonderful cover of the renowned classic by Judy Garland.

The hit, which is called “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, is loved by millions of viewers around the world. It is hard to nail the legendary composition without being compared to the original, and yet, Anna manages to deliver the rendition in a fashion that will knock you off your feet.

She wins the judges over in a matter of seconds, and though the melody that she has picked today is considered to be a challenge for any contestant, she is ready to face the comments, coming from the audience. However, the vocalist has nothing to worry about as the delivery draws the judges to their feet.

Watch the marvelous audition that reminds us there are still undiscovered talents in the world. The girl has to pick to a mentor that is going to guide her through the show, and it seems that Anna has already made up her mind. Press play to learn more about the contestant!