Two Cops Steal the Spotlight When Join in Flash Mob Performance at Mall. Watch


That was awesome!

Shoppers in Aventura Mall discovered that flash mobs are real when they visited the place in search of the perfect goods. However, their leisurely strolls were interrupted the second they saw a crowd of dancers emerging from nowhere and breaking into the energetic routine right at the center of the mall.

Even the regular patrons of the establishment were taken aback by the turn of events. The performance was so colorful that it immediately gained the attention of the local authorities and was even featured in the news. We are not surprised that the dancers managed to make the most of the show that took place at the very heart of the mall.

People, who have been enjoying their vacation, were treated to an alternative kind of entertainment, and we can’t get enough of the creative routine. However, the dance was far from being over when some of the most well-known representatives of the local police department stepped in to support the dancers.

The cheers from the crowd could easily turn into the cries of discontent and even provoke a conflict, but the onlookers soon found out that it was all the best. The police officers did not hesitate to introduce their own moves.

They became a part of the flash mobs in a matter of seconds and earned the respect of the astonished patrons who were watching the scene in open-mouthed awe. We are forced to think that the police officers are people who abide by the law in any situation and are only looking for ways to display their power.

However, we have to admit that these guys can have as much fun as other performers who decided to take part in the flash mob. The choreographed dance became a true sensation on the social accounts and was immediately dubbed one of the most creative flash mobs that occurred across the country.

The police officers added to the atmosphere of the routine and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are ready to watch them again and again. The visitors of the mall were treated to an impressive show that they certainly won’t forget!