Son And His Deaf Mother Show Incredible Dance Routine to Usher.


They need to be on the Ellen Show!

You will ask why, the answer will be simple. The wonderful deaf woman dances, a lot of people can say that it is impossible, but she shown for everybody that it is real. She cannot hear the music but it is not a problem for her.

And this woman can do much more things. Of course, she can not hear the music. So, you can think that she also can not dance. But, everything changes when her son starts to dance. Together they are incredible.

Emilia Villaver Daquioag , it is a name of woman which is strong in spirit. Emilia never dance before, but the desire was always. And when her son started to dance they understand that they can do everything.

Not music is the most important in dance, but the wish to tell the story without words. It is worth noting that deaf people have better developed other aspects, such as smell, vision and a sense of rhythm that is important for dancing. What deaf people do when dancing is that they count visually on the signals given to them.

Her son communicates with her by signs about dancing a lot, explained the style of the song, filled the rhythm, which in the future helped her dance to the song “She Came to Give It to You,” and show a remarkable result that you can see on the video.

In the end, want to add that if you really have a desire to do something, but everyone says that this is impossible because of some nuances, do not believe them. The strength of the spirit, desire and great work make everything possible.

And Emilia Villaver Daquioag an obvious example of this, because no one except her son did not understand how this could be, but they wanted and did it. If you need some kind of motivation or push to start something, that’s it.

Watch the video, enjoy Emilia’s and her son’s dance and course never give up!