Pink Invites Her Dad on Stage to Sing “I Have Seen the Rain”. See This Touching Performance


Simply beautiful!

There are countless ways one can honor the soldiers that have been defending the home country and fighting for peace. The monuments are created to commemorate the events of the past and the movie directors dedicate films to the heroic deeds of the officers who were not afraid to protect their land in times of danger. However, Pink has shown us another way to surprise the heroes from the military who deserve to be appreciated by the media users across the world.

The vocalist is surely a household name in America, but she managed to remind the viewers that she owes her success to her family. This celebrity came out on stage in New York more than ten years ago to belt out the words of the composition, dear to her heart. The star had a special announcement made for the audience.

She stepped into the spotlight to tell her fans that she is going to be singing a duo together with the veteran of the armed forces. Though the crowd was already excited, this caused a real sensation among the public. Jim Moore served in the military during the Vietnam War, and now, he joins his daughter on stage for a duo that you won’t be able to forget.

When the man was overseas, he wrote the song that Pink fell in love with right from the start. The celebrity claims that she needs to thank her family members for being so supportive, and now, it is time for Jim Moore to shine brightly as he shares the scene together with his beloved daughter.

This is the reason we are watching the tape again and again. Pink hugs her father as he appears on stage and reminds us that there is still kindness in the world. Prepare to be blown away by the footage that gained millions of views and watches the song performed in front of the crowd.

The applause and ovations you are going to see next will convince you that everything is going according to the plan. You may not be familiar with Pink’s professional career, but you will certainly love the arrangement in the video. It is so emotional that we are ready to put the footage on repeat!