Insurance Company Rewards Teacher in a Big Way Just for Reading the Fine Print on Her Policy. Watch the Video


Lucky woman!

There are people who are constantly rewarded for being really attentive when it comes to details, and the hero of the today’s footage is not an exception. You are going to be delighted when you learn more about the lady who managed to receive a prize for her attitude. This is the kind of video that proves you should always read the fine print before you are signing any document.

The insurance company in Florida gave $10,000 to the lady who decided to read the fine print. When she purchased the insurance, she did not hesitate to analyze all the details and documents, attached to it. This is the reason she became the winner of the contest that was announced by the company and lasted for 23 hours before the finalist could claim her prize.

The managers of the agency were certain that some people did not bother to read the print, which led to the limited number of the contestants, trying their luck that day. The high school teacher from Georgia was careful enough not to miss a single detail, and we think that there are viewers who wish to follow her example next time similar competitions are going to be posted on the media.

The teacher from Georgia added that she retired from school a week before the competition, because she wanted to have a vacation and spend some time together with her family. She was hoping to apply for retirement a long time ago, but the announcement that was posted by the travel insurance company took her by surprise.

You will be watching the wonderful story again and again. The TV presenters seem to be taken aback by the marvelous story that ended in the most brilliant way possible. Right now, the high school teacher is planning a journey together with her husband.

They are going to travel across Europe and enjoy the views. Reading the fine print turns out to be a good measure, and the lady says that she inspired many people to do the same. Check out the wonderful story below and prepare to be stunned by the competition that made the nation wonder about the importance of paying attention to the documentation forms!