Humble Dishwasher Stuns Idol’s Judges with Original Song. You Have to Hear It!


What a voice!

Alejandro Aranda is the new favorite on the show American Idol, and once you watch the sneak peek below, you will understand that this young man can blow the audience away with his energy. When they call Alejandro the heartthrob that can gain the affection of the viewers in no time, you have to agree with the statement. He literally blows the judges away during the presentation of the song.

The fans say that the singer does not need to be pushed through the show simply because he deserves to have a record deal. He is also dubbed the mad genius due to his level of professionalism with the instrument.

According to the news, the star on the rise is currently working as a dishwasher in California. Music has always been his hobby, but the singer did not have an opportunity to dedicate enough time to what he loves best. The performance below is so stunning that you will find yourself watching it again and again.

The experts are certain that it does not even scrape the surface of the man’s potential. The reaction of the judges says it all. They start smiling the second the performer appears on the scene, and you’ve got to scan his social media to receive proof that he is unique.

Although Alejandro Aranda created an account in February, he does not hesitate to display his talents in front of the viewers. This audition exceeds everything that the audience has been treated to before that, and we are certain that the vocalist needs to land a contract with the labeling company in order to receive titles and awards, becoming the gem of the music industry.

He creates his own music videos, and it is no wonder that the judges call Alejandro extremely talented as they give him a standing ovation and shower the singer with compliments after the audition is over.

This is the reason American Idol remains popular among the viewers. It allows us to discover the talents that we had no idea about, and the following contestant is not an exception. Check him out below and prepare to be amazed!