Couple Wins First Place with Flawless Swing Dance Routine. Check This Out


Simply awesome!

Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca definitely take the cake when it comes to the couple dancing. They have been practicing swing for years, and now, they prove that you need to be a real professional in order to stand out among the others.

The impressive choreography below will drive you insane, and we are certain that you will enjoy every minute of the dance that got them the first place in multiple contests across the country. Ben and Jennifer belong to the classic division, which means that they are leaving it all out on the stage and are not hesitating to show what they are capable of to the judges and public alike.

You will find yourself being captivated by the performance of the century, and this is what we call a decent routine. Although the old school styles may not be as popular as they had been in the past, they certainly essential for those who are keen on bringing the memories back and creating a nostalgic mood for the viewers.

The judges were smitten by the couple’s movements the second they saw the duo stepping into the spotlight, and we think that these guys from California are taking their game to the next level when they bust out the moves in front of the crowd.

The reaction of the audience is rather predictable since the dance is perfect from start to finish. It reminds us about the importance of having conventional choreography around and not being afraid to show what you can do when the time is right.

Ben and Jennifer have so much energy that you will find yourself watching the routine on repeat. This is the kind of dance that needs to be promoted on the shows across the country, and we hope that the couple is going to surprise us with some more choreography in the nearest future.

They know how to capture the attention of the public, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they are the best in their craft. Prepare to be blown away by the routine and marvel at the dancers below. They steal the spotlight in a matter of seconds, and we are taken aback by their attitude!