Couple Dances to “An Evening I Will Not Forget” and It’s the Most Romantic Dance I’ve Ever Seen!


Absolutely stunning!

Denise and Josh became partners several years ago, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t show the highest level of performance on the World of Dance. They are already dubbed one of the most promising artists on the modern scene, and their accomplished choreography is enough to make you appreciate the efforts the duo took a day ago to impress the judges.

Denise knew that she is going to be a dancer when she turned three, and Josh discovered his love for music and movement at the age of eleven. Ever since they started practicing and discovering new angles to their performance, the audience fell in love with the couple.

Their hometown being Toronto, the couple does not cease to amaze us with their delicate technique that is paired with an elegant movement, meant to stun the audience and gain fans the second they appear on the scene.

The two have been training in the same studio for years before they met one another and decided to team up for even more impressive results. You will be smitten when you witness the choreography below, and the judges claim that the couple literally shines to the romantic melody that has been chosen as a hit of the evening.

The duo did not expect to become famous across the country when they first entered the competition, but now, they know they have won the affection of their followers and the media users who have been cheering for the couple right from the start.

The following performance is another proof that Denise and Josh deserve to appear in the spotlight again and again. They have an individual style that allows them to present a powerful competition for other contestants, and it seems that making it to the top list of the show won’t be that complicated.

The dance that the two are introducing to the viewers contains all the hidden feelings that the audience has been looking for at the beginning of the routine. There is no way you can miss the wonderful choreography. Click on the video to enjoy the dance, provided by the stunning duo below!