Bride Thinks Band Ruins First Dance Until Country Star Canaan Smith Shows Up to Surprise Newlyweds


That was an epic surprise!

If the country star arrives at a wedding, people are literally going crazy. This is exactly what happens when Canaan Smith appears to belt out the words of “Love You Like That” for Samantha and Taylor. This may be the most heartfelt wedding present the pair received during the ceremony.

The Knot Dream Wedding duo seemed to be overwhelmed by emotions as they started performing their first dance in front of the guests. The beautiful ceremony took place in California. The newlyweds had everything planned beforehand, but when the country celebrity showed up at the event, the audience gasped in awe.

According to the news, Samantha and Taylor were delighted to meet the star, adding that the melody Canaan nailed that day is a great embodiment of their relationship. Instead of the band that is usually performing at weddings, the handlers of the ceremony decided that they are going to invite the singer himself.

When Canaan learned that he is expected to arrive at the place, he was happy to assist. You will be thrilled when you learn more about the details of the celebration. The duo below was lucky to have the musician present at their nuptials. They never thought that this is going to be the highlight of the day.

The performer steps forward to perform the bridegroom’s favorite melody, and the audience is cheering for the country star right away. The singer added that he was surprised to act as wedding crasher, but then he realized that he is bringing unforgettable emotions to Samantha and Taylor, that’s why he did not hesitate to take part in the performance.

You need to watch the reaction of the couple when the guest is announced. The setting is also magical, and it seems only fitting that the vocalist arrives at the beautiful chateau to turn this day into a dream for the newlyweds in the video.

Though the bride told the reporters that they did not choose a traditional song for the wedding, it catered toward them as a pair. Watch below and try to hold back from smiling. The arrival of the singer changes the mood of the entire celebration!