Video: Soldier Son Pretends to Be a Waiter to Surprise Mother for Christmas. So Touching!


So sweet!

Homecoming videos are always touching, and the one you are going to see next is not an exception. Son arrives to the fast food chain to surprise his mom with his appearance, but the lady has no idea that one of her beloved family members arrived to town.

She is having a regular evening out with her nearest and dearest, and since she already made her order, he decides that there is no need to look around to see what’s going on. The young man has just come back from his deployment, and now, he is about to meet his family.

He was staying in Korea to complete his service, but now, he was finally allowed to return to his hometown for a holiday. This is a serious moment for all the viewers, who can relate to the same experience, and if you are looking for an emotional overload that can make your day better, we would like you to check out the footage.

Mom turns around, thinking that her order has finally arrived, and when she sees the military form, it takes her a few seconds to realize what is going on. Eventually, she lifts her eyes to notice son standing right in front of her.

You need to hold on to your seat as you start watching the episode. These two share an embrace that can make an impression on those, who are familiar with the scene, and the onlookers are left speechless at the sight of the reunion.

You will be smiling when you witness the meeting that can melt the iciest of hearts. You don’t have to be an expert to predict that these two need time to catch up and talk for hours on end.

The man decided not to share the news with his mother, because a staged surprise seemed like the best option. Now, he is willing to sit down at the table with his beloved ones and enjoy his holiday. After serving his country for a long time, he is coming back for a vacation which he certainly deserves.

Setting a scene for his arrival, the hero of the video amazes his mum with a grand appearance, and you definitely need to watch him make an entrance. This is one of the most emotional tapes one may come across on the social media!