Video: Cops Sing to Help Change How They’re Perceived and It’s So Cool!


So cute!

Moe Badger and Michael Norwood are singing cops that have become famous when they started recording covers of the renowned hits and later uploading them to the social accounts. These police officers are changing the way they are perceived by the community, and we cannot get enough of their attitude.

They know that people are going to judge them for who they are and look at their badges first, so the policemen wanted to sing in front of the public to convince everyone that they are human beings and not just robots in uniform who can do whatever they want and get away with it simply because they represent the law.

The officers told the press that they have witnessed a lot of negativity surrounding the image of the cops, that’s why they wanted to fix the problem and prove that they are not that bad and threatening.

Although the guys are now laughing out loud, because their singing fame overpowers their actual job, they do not refer to it as something dramatic. On the contrary, they are happy that the singing that they are regularly displaying in front of the fans helps them build ties with the community and be understood as the police officers and people who simply love doing their job.

According to the duo, the renditions of the hits and covers that can harm us in a matter of seconds started as a joke and something that is not serious at all. Moe and Michael say that they wanted to entertain themselves, so they began singing along.

Soon enough, however, they discovered that the crowd actually loves the sound and demands more from the representatives of the police that we witness performing. They are belting out the words of the song with the dedication that deserves praise. Moe and Michael have also told the journalists that they are recognized by the onlookers a lot now.

People approach them in the malls and ask for autographs, which is a great addition to their daily routine. Prepare to be wowed by the cops singing and don’t forget to check out the show that they put on for the viewers!