Usher Joins Blake Shelton for a Stunning Performance of “Healing in the Heartland”. Watch



Blake Shelton is closing on his benefit show with the song “Healing in the Heartland”, and you will agree that his collaboration with Usher is truly successful. The money, collected from the performance, will be given to the victims of the severe tornado that occurred in Oklahoma, which is native to Blake.

The concert was held in front of the roaring crowd, and we can all confirm that it is definitely worth watching. You will have the desire to give a standing ovation to the performers as they appear on the scene. The show is dedicated to people, who managed to survive the natural disaster. According to the reports, the tornado was classified as one of the most dangerous in the area.

Shelton reminded the crowd that he is grateful for the warm welcome that he receives every time that he comes home. He wished to give something back to the viewers who supported him from day one, that’s why he appeared in the spotlight together with his friends.

The singer adds that he had to step up and show his best throughout the show because he knew that the fans would be expecting him to provide the audience with the unforgettable performance. Below, you will see the brilliance of the version of the excellent song, and we think that the users are right when they say that the celebrities had given a new meaning to the entire composition and managed to bring the original content on stage.

The heartfelt performance deserves appreciation from all the lovers of good music across the country, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it is time for you to discover one of the best renditions of the week.

Blake Shelton is the legend of country music, and when he teams up with his colleagues to present his own version of the song, you have to give it up for the performers. The footage you are going to see next will remind you that high-class compositions do not need to be introduced twice. Prepare to sit on the edge of your seat and do not forget to appreciate the meaning of the song. It has no rivals in the world of music!