Unforgettable Scene From “East of Eden” Brings Us Good Memories.


James Dean was better looking than any of these male Hollywood actors right now.

East of Eden is a 1955 film directed by Elia Kazan, freely based on the second half of John Steinbeck’s 1952 novel of the same type. It is about a young man who, although looking for his own identity, is in favor of liking his deeply religious father against his brother, whom he loves, thus retelling the story of Cain and Abel.

Although in the early 20th century Monterey, California, most of the film was shot on site in Mendocino, California. Some scenes were filmed in the Salinas Valley. Of the three films in which James Dean played male lead, this is the only one that was released during his lifetime, and the only one that personally considered the dean personally as a whole.

The film, as well as Rebel Without Cause and the giant, was named by the American Film Institute as one of the best 400 American films of all time. The main theme of the East of Eden is the biblical reference to the brothers Cain and Abel.

Caleb is constantly fighting for his father’s approval. The relationship between Caleb and his father is stressful and unresolved until the end of the story, after the father suffers from a paralyzing stroke. The film also contains themes of young love and fraternal rivalry, as Aaron’s friend believes that she is increasingly turning to the more rebellious Cal.

Mental illness is also considered by the nature of Cal, although still young, which has many features of borderline personality disorder, sometimes a genetic condition that can be inherited from the mother. James Dean, who died in 1955 at the age of 24, is best known for his role in the films East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant.

The paintings were published in the period from 1955 to 1956. The actor won two Oscars after his death already. The American Film Institute ranked Dean 18th on the list of the 100 greatest actors. Dozens of documentaries and feature films are dedicated to his life and career.

And now let’s remember how it was. Perfectly acted scene.