Tom Cotter Was the Best Comedian on AGT. Watch His Best Performances That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing


Why he didn’t win?

Tom Cotter can be called one of those comedians that remain prolifically hilarious whenever they come on stage. Even before this man took a decent shot to fame on the show, called America’s Got Talent, and received his run as a semi-finalist, he was already known across the country.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that his performance left all the judges in stitches, with Howard Stern and his colleagues laughing out loud at every joke. When they call Tom’s acts a mix of the acid satire and side-splitting puns, you have to agree with the statement.

He is treating the audience to a mind-blowing combination of personal stories that are cleverly incorporated into his own experience, so you don’t have a feeling that you are left out and have no idea what is going on in front of you. Perhaps, this is one of the secrets that may help Cotter stay updated on the latest trends in the genre.

The man says that he is ready to grab an opportunity if that allows him to expand horizons and hone his craft in humor, and though some of the jokes are by no means children-friendly, they definitely draw the attention of the audience.

Tom starts with describing his life in the local neighborhood. He continues to relive his childhood memories, mentioning that he loved to start a fight when he was small. That did not make him popular among the adults, but all his friends were delighted to take part in the water balloon fights that he staged in the area.

He was also caught shoplifting once, and spending the night in a jail, he had a serious conversation with his father that he will never forget. This helped him decide what he wants to do in life, so we are not surprised that the viewers call Tom a comedian with a twist.

He knows how to entertain the fans so that they are flooding the media with the comments and helping the standup performer to receive even more exposure. He is about to make the world laugh with an intensely hilarious act that has been practiced for hours, so make sure you don’t miss it below!