Tiny Horse Left by Her Mother at Birth Makes the Incredible Recovery.


Such a moving story.

The little horse that lost its mother at birth felt all the pain and suffering even at such a small age. But thank God she was found by kind people and they helped her. Only today you will see an incredibly touching video that will make you cry. The horse perfectly remembers good and bad treatment.

Affectionate and caring attitude of a person always evokes a response in her: gullibility, affection, obedience, reliability in work, willingness to serve faithfully. Rudeness on the part of a person, on the contrary, entails disobedience of the animal, hostility, refusal to fulfill a demand, a desire to get out of the hands.

A horse recognizes its owner not only by voice, but, like a dog, understands the intonation of words. She distinguishes an affectionate word from a formidable one, a loud shout from a rude one. Experienced equestrian sportsmen and seasoned tourists – equestrians know this very well and skillfully use their voice while training horses and in the process of communicating with them.

Sometimes a horse, even in a stable, can get scared of something, and when riding in a field, across an unknown terrain, on a tourist horse trip, this can often happen. In this case, the horse must be calmed down with a gentle voice, light stroking, and when riding at a frisky gallop, move to a slower gait.

When an obstacle is encountered on the way of an unfamiliar to the horse, it should be allowed to take its time to examine the object that frightens it, to let riders riding on bolder horses pass ahead. Then it will be easier for the horse to overcome the obstacle that caused her fear.

Well, press the button and watch the video that you will like because he has a happy ending. A little horse found caring people who helped her to recover and start a happy life. Every creature in this world needs care and love.