Tiny Deer Who Lost Her Mom Walked Up to People, Crying for Help.


I love these people for doing this! What adorable babies.

Today you’re going to see the incredibly touching story. Baby deer was saved by kind people. She lost her mom but thank God, she met the humans who cared. Some interesting facts about these wonderful creatures.

Deer is one of the most graceful and graceful animals on our planet. The first deer on the planet appeared in modern Asia, more than 33 million years ago. The appearance of deer is completely different. There are species with both thin and long legs, and with short. The weight of the smallest deer reaches only 15 kilograms, when the weight of the largest deer can reach three hundred.

Deer’s teeth are a good indicator of his age. According to the degree of grinding of the fangs and incisors, curvature and angle of inclination, the specialist can accurately determine the age of the deer. Deer is an animal that is in the top twenty fastest. The speed of a deer escaping from the chase can reach 50-55 km / h.

Puberty in deer occurs early: the female deer is ready for fertilization at the age of 1.5 years, males mature to 2-3 years. Barely born, a baby deer can already stand on its feet. A month later, the little deer begins to pluck the grass and young shoots of plants, but continues to feed on mother’s milk, often the first year of life.

In the wild, the average lifespan of a deer is 15-20 years. In zoos and reindeer farms with good care deer live up to 25-30 years. Rare species of deer are listed in the Red Book and are protected by many states.

Even 2 centuries ago, the deer population began to decline sharply due to the constant hunting of them. Currently, deer hunting is prohibited, and it is hoped that this will not happen again in the future, and deer will continue to serve nature and man for many centuries.

Let’ watch the touching video. She grew up and ran back to the wild with her best friend! This is so moving.