This Tiny Chihuahua Knows Exactly What to Do When Mom Puts Sausages In Front.


Greedy fella made my day!

What do dogs like most of all? Of course, eat. And if we talk about little dogs, they are certainly famous of their agility. So the charter of our video surprised and amused all those around and viewers this video. Normal coaching took place, and at the moment when the trainer decided to feed the animals the curious situation happened.

Dogs who are constantly coached will never rush to food without permission from their trainer. So, after spreading the sausages in front of two large and one small dog, the hostess signaled “Okay”, which meant you could eat.

But before the two Rottweillers understood what was happening, the little Chihuahua already taken their sausages. An interesting fact is that Sausage coachers can use for another they can take a sausage, cut, mix with the food that he smelled like sausages and work here smelling poop, a tasty for training.

A sausage dog does not give. Come back to Chihuahuas. They are the ultimate snob. They generally do not like other dogs but if there are other Chihuahuas around, they will hang out with them and snub any other breed of dog nearby.

And one more fact is about relative to their bodies. Chihuahuas have the biggest brain in the dog world. They’re quick-witted and easy to train. They’re not, however, easy to housebreak as a result of a tiny bladder and a willful personality.

As desert dogs, they’re also not too keen on the rain or cold. Despite the small size of this breed of dogs, the character is very aggressive. This small and at first sight harmless dog, will never allow offending itself and will be true only to her owner.

As well as you could understand that they are brazen enough but the food that she took away she would gladly present to her children or the hostess.

So they take care of who they trust. List your spirit just by watching this video.