This Sensual Kizomba Dance by Sara Lopez Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster. Watch.


The stunning beauty and magnificence!

Sarah Lopez is a girl who started her dance career at the age of 5 and continues it to this day. For 15 years, Sarah has been constantly training. Her first dance style was ballet. In London, she received the Royal Certificate. But apart from that, she also did not forget to improve her knowledge in other styles of dance. She constantly visited various seminars, which as a result pleasantly influenced her career.

For 4 years she was a soloist of the ballet Joven África Guzmán. At the age of 19 she began to dance hip-hop and Latin dances. At 21, she began to study hip-hop in more detail, and at 22, she went to Los Angeles to train with world-renowned choreographers.

In her career she is always responsible and confident, so she continued to dance in this style with different coaches in Los Angeles, perfecting her technique for modern dance courses. Kizomba she started dancing in 2011, not even waiting to see what the dance style so will affect her life.

She passed the qualifying round in Madrid and participated in the Dance Championship, where she won 2nd place. Kizomba — a kind of modern dance with a rapidly growing popularity. It is filled with romance and passion at the same time.

Slow and smooth movements, very close contact with a partner, fascinating Portuguese music — all this is an atmosphere of dance kizomba. Now Sarah’s job is to hold seminars and master classes. It should be noted that it is her seminars that are very popular, and all the training are painted for months in advance.

She also starred in various commercials and advertisements, which helps her to become more popular. Her talent is now recognized not only in Europe, but also in America and the countries of Asia. So now she’s on the road, she makes a tour of different dance schools around the world, where she conducts master classes.

The dances with which she performs, convey passion, tenderness and femininity at the same time. Many spectators watch her movements, never turning her eyes away. And now I’m not talking only about the male part of the population, the girls are also very fond of her movements and dances.

Therefore, today we want to show you an example of her dances, which was filmed in China at one of the seminars. It’s impossible to look at Sarah Lopez without admiration! This dance will instantly win your heart. Enjoy watching.