This Old Footage of Willie Nelson and Ray Charles Singing ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ Will Make You Feel Nostalgic


Love them both!

“Seven Spanish Angels” is a composition that was created in 1984. Ray Charles and Willie Nelson team up to impress us with their brilliant vocals. They prove that background does not matter as long as you leave it all out on the scene.

The composition is considered to be a dramatic ballad that was inspired by the classic stories of love and betrayal. However, the ending of the song can take you back in no time. Even if you are not familiar with the hits that were a sensation back in the day, you will surely appreciate the melody below.

According to the experts that were studying the origins of the song, it was inspired by the sentimental ballads that told the fans about the true feelings that are older than time. However, the following composition has a spiritual side to it that will be discovered by the viewers as soon as they start watching the clip.

When Nelson and Charles paired up to present the performance to the crowd, they divided the verses for the better arrangement of the song. As it turned out later, the decision was a successful one, and now, the tape is steadily winning hearts of the music lovers around the world.

When they say that quality tunes are no longer found these days, we can talk about the compositions like the one below. It has a hidden meaning to it that can only be explored if you study the lyrics of the tune and make sure that you have understood the words of the ballad. This is the official video that was released as soon as the hit was presented to the fans.

Nelson seems to be happy as he is sharing the stage together with a colleague. They say that there have been numerous arrangement of the song in the previous years, but none of them can be compared to the hit that is introduced by the legends of music.

They are so convinced that you will find yourself watching the clip again and again. The performers prove that you do not need special effects to blow the audience away with the sound. If you wish to learn more about the melody, click on the video and watch it below!