This Madonna’s Song Cover By Kelly Clarkson is Truly Soul Penetrating


Is anything this woman can’t do?

My dear friends, today you will see the incredible performances of Kelly Clarkson. She never stops to delight us with her talented voice. This time she covered Madonna’s song and it’s just wonderful. Here are some interesting facts about the famous singer Madonna. Madonna is one of the most famous celebrities of our time, striking with a strong voice, shocking and an abundance of talent.

The singer, actress, dancer and writer has fallen in love with millions of fans all over the world. Madonna dreamed of becoming a ballerina The virtuoso dancer is short, lithe, fragile and strong – the perfect combination of characteristics for the ballet she practiced in her youth. 2. Madonna – Man-Orchestra Everyone knows that the artist is endowed with many talents. Did you know that she can play musical instruments?

Madonna plays drums, guitar and some keyboards. True, evil tongues insist that the actress is just pretending to play. A well-known sports enthusiast, Madonna got a role in Their Own League. However, she looked too strong and pumped up even for a sports drama. She was asked not to get too involved in training during filming.

Madonna – the official sex symbol In 2002, the diva took first place in the list of sexiest women. And even in her 60s, she remains one of the most desirable beauties. Many celebrities have their own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the 1990s, the artist was offered such an honor, but she did not show interest in such an important award for many. It seems that Madonna does not suffer from pride. Although the star is already 60 years old, she is still slim and continues to delight fans with dynamic concerts, dancing and singing without a phonogram. Keep it up! Her songs are very popular all over the world.

Let’s listen to cover of one of the best songs!