This Is How ‘Love Me Tender’ Sounds When Performed by Andrea Bocelli and His Son Amos. Enjoy


Simply awesome!

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most well-known names in the industry, and it seems that he is passing his talents to the younger generation. When he appears on the scene together with his son Amos, the viewers understand that they are going to be treated to a special kind of show.

Below, you will see the duo teaming up for the performance that will touch your heart right away. It is titled “Love Is Tender”, and though it is a popular classic that is recognized by everyone, the fans are cheering for father and son with a passion that is rarely seen among the audience.

The Bocelli family has a close bond that becomes evident once the two come out on the scene, and we think that you will be watching the clip on repeat. Though it was recorded several years ago, it continues to make a sensation on the media.

“Love Is Tender” is the kind of song that can send the fans wild, and the lyrics enchant the crowd with the deep sense that can only be understood by the true lovers of classical music. The composition was written as one of the sentimental ballads that can make your heart leap with joy, and the special atmosphere of the show is accentuated through the arrangement that is shown to the crowd.

Though the performers realize the responsibilities they have before their fans, you can tell that they are enjoying the moment and making an impression with a heartfelt cover that will make you fall in love with the song right away.

Andrea Bocelli has invited his son Amos to take part in the show to prove that the real talent runs in the family, and when the young man displays his abilities on stage, it becomes clear that the statement is no exaggeration.

If you do not belong to the category of people, who think that classic hits can lift your mood and bring some sunshine to the week, you will definitely change your mind after you see the clip below. It is filled with sincere emotions, and the duo between father and son may be one of the most successful collaborations out there. This is definitely the kind of cover that can warm you on a cold day!