This Incredible Tango to Édith Piaf Will Leave you Speechless For Sure.


Bravo. Amazing couple.

The history of tango holds many secrets. Few people know that this dance has “African” roots, it was first performed in port dens and taverns by European emigrants, learning the movements of local pimps, and it often happened that both partners in the pair were … men. Tango is one of the most expressive dances, every movement in it is permeated with passion, and it is often compared to a fight or a love fight.

The name “tango”, according to researchers, is a variation of “tambo”, the name of an African drum, the sounds of which were accompanied by ritual dances. Tango is not always a mysterious intertwining of masculine and feminine. Cases when two men got up in a couple were not uncommon at the dawn of tango birth.

Often, gentlemen, waiting for their turn in the houses of dates, trained in learning the movements, and only then, confident in their skills, decided to perform a dance with a seductive partner. Sometimes male dancers turned tango performances into a real competition for the affection of a beautiful lady, and, unfortunately, there are cases when these dance duels ended tragically: the strike of a knife could interrupt the sound of music.

International Tango Day is celebrated on December 11. Unlike a regularly repeated waltz rhythm, tango includes pauses and a change of rhythm – acceleration, deceleration. Sudden changes of movement alternate with slow movements, creating a special, expressive atmosphere of dance.

Tango clearly separates man and woman: they take different steps, and here the slightest gesture is especially important. There is something in dance that can be considered not just a scheme, but almost a scenario where both man and woman perform their roles. Tango conveys a special world of strong feelings.

Not surprisingly, tango was the basis of great movies and good literature, that tango is not only danced, it is also played and sung. Take a look at the wonderful performance!