This Hilarious Flight Attendant Made Passengers Roll on the Floor Laughing. See It


So funny!

Passengers who travel by plane are rarely enthusiastic about the entire deal with safety, but this attendant has made the speech so hilarious that we are willing to watch the funny clip again and again. She managed to deliver the monologue in a way that excited all the passengers, and we are waiting for you to react to the video in the same way as the hundreds of media users that checked out the footage.

Instead of going through the safety measures in a way that is simple and monotonous, the lady made it so entertaining that you can see the people laughing out loud as they watch the attendant giving her best to the customers below. It is no wonder that the tape got more than 10 million views as soon as it was posted on the media.

The viewers are certain that the main hero of the tape has to appear in a comedy. She is so talented that we can’t get enough of the way she presents information. This was a speech, seemingly dedicated to the emergency exits, but we all know that it is more than that once we click on the video.

The passengers cannot hide their emotions as they watch the flight attendant, and this might be one of the most entertaining speeches in the history of flights that will be remembered by the audience members that consider themselves to be travelers with experience.

There is no way you can miss the amusing video below, and the passengers who have encountered the lady before say that she deserves a rise. She creates an entertaining atmosphere inside the plane, and though some of the customers that she is addressing are obviously tired, they are still smiling when they witness the performance in front of them.

This is what they call a first class service, and you will have a great day once you check the footage that made a sensation on the media. The following scene is proof that you can make the most of your work if you dedicate enough effort. The flight attendant you are going to see next will give you a firework of emotions. She is the best in her craft!