This Girl Will Make Your Jaw Drop as She Dances, Plays Fiddle and Sings ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ at the Same Time


This is awesome!

Cotton Eyed Joe is a legendary song that has acquired the status of the national hit that is performed whenever someone wishes to reflect upon the merry traditions of the Wild West. However, Hillary Klug takes the rendition to the next level when she presents her own version of the song to the viewers. She can bust out the dance moves, fiddle and sing at the same time.

The music experts say that this is what makes her special, and we can’t get enough of the wonderful artist that stands on a platform to present the melody that has been covered hundreds of time. However, it is time for us to explore the version that has been introduced to the audience by Hillary. It is also hard to believe that there are even more performers joining the singer halfway through.

According to the news reports, the vocalist describes herself as a professional street busker who gained her fame on the streets of Nashville and decided to surprise the viewers with creating her own video channel, where she posts the covers of the famous compositions, showing her in various settings. The performer does not limit herself to one genre alone.

She prefers to experiment with the kind of music that she loves, and it is no wonder that so many people are simply in love with the rendition you are going to see next. The element of fiddling, that has been added to the routine, makes it even more special.

Prepare to be blown away by the performance that has already gained hundreds of views on the media. Now, the singer is traveling across the world to share her talents with other people. Hillary grew up in a small town, but she confesses that she has enjoyed creating her own covers and dancing in front of the audience ever since she was small.

Her charming manner won her many fans around the country, and now, the performer is making the most of her success while introducing her amazing set of abilities to the beloved audience. You will fall in love with the cover that is presented to the users, so don’t hesitate to press play and discover the world of music that you have never known before!