This Funny Grandma Dancing While Cooking Will Brighten Your Day. Watch and Dance with Her.


She is so cool!

The gap between generations is a sociological concept, according to which the values ​​of the older and younger generations differ substantially. This phenomenon occurs in everyday life quite often, as children consider their parents to be old-fashioned, and the latter, in turn, do not get tired of repeating: “In our time, everything was different.”

Young people hold the erroneous opinion that people in old age do not know how to have fun and are too weak to enjoy the taste of life. But to what this judgment is erroneous. They had time to try a lot for their lives and know what “break away” is.

No wonder they say: life smiles to those who smile at her. It seems that this clockwork grandmother is quite happy with her life, and nothing will prevent her from going into dancing even without reason.

However, in itself a great mood – than not an excuse? Why should we live boring? Live bright and be a star, even if the scene is just your own kitchen. Grandma got rhythm and she on beat, and she is in good physical health.

Grandma has got some serious moves on her. It keeps her fit and young. When she kicked those shoes off. She is fabulous. Granny just pulled out her old moves. Obviously she danced when she was younger.

I bet she used to dance her behind off! She was hitting those beats. She is so much fun to watch. The universal language of music is obviously at work here. Her energy is infectious. Keep dancing young lady! Live Love and Laugh.

She’s not afraid to dance and she’s dancing like she’s young. She is the kind of inspiration for other grannies, this video is the motivation for them to be ike this woman. She is adorable and makes every viewer day. This brightens the days, and shows that we should be happy of every day living there.

She is so cute and wonderful cooking with love for family she love. She matches two her favourite businesses, cooking and dancing. She is worth of watching and admire her. Look this wonderful video with your friends or show it to your grandparents.