These Hilarious Teacher Memes Will Make Every Teacher Laugh and Cry at the Same Time.


Made my day!

Summer is officially over, which means that both the students and the teachers need to realize that they have to get back to school to perform various tasks and study day and night to achieve their goals. This may not be the happiest of the realizations, but you have to make peace with the notion that a new year has just begun.

However, the beginning of the semester does not need to be that gloomy. If you have friends by your side, you can always use this time to reconnect with your beloved ones to start a new chapter of your life with enthusiasm. Although September is usually associated with alarm clocks and the opening of schools, we can say that even the teachers are able to have fun during the course of studies.

The memes you are going to see next are the vivid illustration that you don’t need to be too pessimistic about the classes that are waiting ahead. These funny images are guaranteed to give you a chuckle, and we hope that you will appreciate the way the teachers perform their duties. They take everything, coming from their students, with a grain of salt, and we think that this is the secret of their patience and tolerance. Seriously, the teachers that are spending time with children should be paid more!

  1. There is nothing in common between the rappers and teachers at first glance, but the students are certain that their beloved tutors should earn more and thus make the budgets of regular rappers less lavish. This way, we would have quality music and decent education.

  1. This photo can melt anyone’s heart, and the users think that this is a good illustration of the students, gathering around their teacher during class. When the material is explained, they frequently get distracted. Later, however, they all want to know the right answers and thus invade the tutor’s personal space just like it happened to the kitty below. Simply adorable!

  1. The following picture portrays a sad reality that refers to the double standards in teaching. Our tutors literally do their best to help teens receive education, but their wages are not enough to cover all the expenses. The government should place more value in the teaching professions!

  1. Saying inappropriate words in front of the youngsters may be one of the biggest fears for teachers in class, and this lady knows exactly what we are talking about. She had a science class in school, and her lecture was somewhat different from the rest of the educational program. Now, she thinks about the possible consequences of the slip of the tongue.

  1. Coffee is an important part of the day for those, who are suffering from constant stress, and we can all relate to the teachers, who refuse to come to classes until they have at least a single cup. Cameron Diaz and the hilarious dialogue are the fine illustration of the morning struggles most of us are facing every day!

Although the cherished days of the blissful summer are gone, you’ve got other holidays to look forward to, and this is the reason teachers still find happiness in their daily work. Students, on the other hand, are no less optimistic, and we can guess the authors of the most renowned memes that are now everywhere in the media.

They express their love for teachers in a joking form. If you have ever taught in school, you will understand why these images are so funny. We can’t deny that some of them are mostly built on stereotypes that exist about studies and school, but that doesn’t make the jokes less hilarious.

Teachers are a group of people that take a lot of responsibilities, and when they understand that children won’t be too productive at the beginning of the year, they try to find the creative approach to every class. You will definitely recognize some of the scenes, presented below. We bet that they happened in every school!

  1. When you are about to take a test, you put all your hopes in the previous preparation. However, some of the students definitely start to panic as soon as they realize that all answers are the same. Get ready to find out about the smartest trick teachers can play with their students!

  1. Although teaching is considered to be one of the most stressful professions ever, you should definitely learn how to wind down at the end of the working day. This lady claims that she loves her job, adding that she is only 39!

  1. The poster you are going to see next should be hung at every meeting that is happening between the teachers and parents. Kids are known for their ability to exaggerate stuff, so if your mom and dad promise that they won’t believe everything you tell them about school, the teachers agree not to pay attention to the stories that your little ones are making up about the household. This seems to be a fair deal!

  1. There is a huge difference between the optimism of a teacher at the beginning of the year, and his depressed state when the semester is over. This screenshot from the popular TV series is the best illustration of the issue. It shows us that we are only capable to keep it cool for a few months. The same can be said about the students!

  1. It is no secret that some of the people are looking for a financial stability, but if we are talking about the teaching professions, these dedicated experts can only hope that they retire at the age of 60. They are too committed to be giving up their jobs. Some of them stay at school even when they feel that they no longer have to come to classes to earn a living. This is what we call an educational passion, and we think that we all need to cherish the deep level of trust between our teachers and their beloved students!