These Doctors Singing Their Own Version of ‘Breaking Up Is Hard to Do’ Will Definitely Make You Smile.


That was awesome!

The Laryngospasms are a parody team that specializes in making covers of the melodies that belong to the realm of medical themes. The members of the band are certified, anesthetists. They told the reporters that they met in the 1990s during a party.

Somebody started playing the rendition of the melody, called Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. That was the time when the guys realized they could make their own cover and call it Waking Up Is Hard To Do.

Although they were worried about the reaction of the public since most of their compositions touch the medical themes, the resounding of the melody gained success among the audience, so the group had to release it as a single. Soon enough, the band started covering renowned hits with the arrangement of their own.

They would change the lyrics while adding a humorous note to most of the melodies. You will be laughing out loud as soon as you watch the clip below. The registered professionals have gathered together to show off their talents and prove that one can find irony in work even in the most challenging situations.

If you are not familiar with the band, you will certainly love their unusual style and approach to the covers. They manage to bring something new to the song, and even though the hit was posted more than five years ago, it continues to win the hearts of the public and gain views on the media.

Although the team started out as the niche performers that were focused on pleasing their target audience, they soon realized that they can actually work on a larger scale. The number of topics that they currently cover has increased accordingly, that’s why the members of the team are acknowledged as music experts as well as specialists in their own field.

You are going to be cheering for the artists when you see them on the screen. They are making a joke out of everything, but the beauty of the song can’t be denied by the general public. This rendition is impossible to watch while having a serious face. Enjoy the powerful melody that gained fame across the country!