These Are 10 the World’s Most Expensive Homes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop.



If you are wealthy enough to buy a house, you will agree that you need to make the best choice. Though there are experts, claiming that you can’t hope to get much for your money these days, we beg to disagree. You have a chance to take a look at properties that will definitely blow your mind.

If you are a fan of the smaller spaces, you may definitely find some of the following lodgings to be too flashy to make you overjoyed, but at the same time, there are properties on the list that will turn your notions about the popular houses upside down. The most expensive homes in the world are waiting for someone to move in, and they are nothing short of amazing!

The buildings you are going to see next are different in their own way, but each of them has a charm of its own that is sufficient to attract visitors and make you think about acquiring them for yourself. If you have a few millions, ready for good use, you will certainly consider the following options. They are indeed fabulous!

  1. Antillia is a home in Mumbai, India. It is named after one of the most famous islands in Greek mythology. If you decide to buy the impressive property, you will have 27 floors at your disposal. The idea of the building was developed and designed by one of the world’s richest men, Mukesh Ambani. He wanted everything to be done on the highest level, so we think that you won’t be surprised if you find out that Antillia boasts six floors for parking and a few floating gardens. In case you feel like going out, there are three helipads you can choose from to get away from it all!

  1. Villa Leapolda is one of the most luxurious sites you can encounter. It was owned by Leopold II of Belgium and later given to his mistress and favorite Caroline Lacroix. The location and the scenery are so breathtaking that it is hard to believe that this place is real. It is said that villa has more bathrooms and bedrooms and can offer a high-class accommodation for anyone, who is willing to pay. One of the Russian millionaires was rumored to purchase the home. However, he later decided to walk away from the deal and stopped pursuing the sale. According to the reporters, this cost him a great deal of payoff money!

Different rich styles and ideas you will be surprise3d to see! Each of them has a charm of its own that is sufficient to attract visitors and make you think about acquiring them for yourself.

  1. One Hyde Park Penthouse is a site that would definitely be suited for someone with a high level of anxiety, since it features the bulletproof windows and bodyguards checking on the area seven days a week. James Bond would be proud to live here, but if you are less paranoid and a little more concerned about the comforts of your stay, you can always take an underground passage to The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Feel like you can slack off 24 hours a day? Don’t worry, there is a service that can help you out in case you wish to stay in your room.

  1. Four Fairfield Pond in New York is guaranteed to make an impression on the visitors. It has 39 bathrooms that will make you swoon and 2 tennis courts for people, who wish to remain active throughout the day. If you feel like partying, there is no way your guests will be living in cramped conditions. With so many bathrooms in the area, they can never be caught short!

  1. Hearst Castle in Los Angeles was used as a set for popular films. Moreover, it has so many options to offer to its visitors that they will definitely feel on top of the world whenever they come here. We are talking about a private movie theater, 27 bedrooms and a night club with the outdoor terrace. This is something to write home about!

Although some of the sites are definitely out of the ordinary, you should get ready to pay mind-blowing sums to be staying here. Those, who are seeking pleasures of life and have enough cash to pay for the dolce vita, will surely find some of the options to be more than satisfying.

The locations are guaranteed to make you swoon. These are the houses, made for royalty, so it is no wonder that so many entrepreneurs and top managers are renting the villas to feel on top of the world and enjoy the beautiful landscapes as they sip on the expensive drinks on the terrace.

Some of the homes have already been put for sale, while other properties are referred to as a part of the cultural heritage of the country. They are the real masterpieces that need to be appreciated by anyone, who is willing to discover more about the most expensive homes at the world. Check out the compilation!

  1. Upper Phillimore Gardens is a Victorian house with rich history. It has become so famous that many describe it as a popular tourist spot. Ten years ago, the estate was bought by the businesswoman from Ukraine, Elena Franchuk. The visitors can enjoy an underground swimming pool and rest comfortably as they choose from the ten bedrooms, stuffed with the modern amenities.

  1. Seven The Pinnacle may be a ski lodge that is located high in the mountains, but that doesn’t mean that you will feel the cold. It has everything that you need to enjoy your stay. The owners of the place promise that you will never be cold at Seven the Pinnacle, since the heating system works day and night to make sure that the guests can relax properly. The site also features two pools and a ski lift to make the impression complete.

  1. Maison de L’Amitie is a mansion that is known to be a former property of Donald Trump. They say that he is no longer interested in the site, but we can’t ignore the benefits of staying here. The house has bulletproof windows and a garage that is large enough to accommodate all the cars that you own. A full sized, classically built ballroom is another pleasant addition. Throwing a party here would be really posh!

  1. Hala Ranch is a paradise for those, who want to look good any time of the day. With the personal beauty salon at your disposal, you can always make sure that you are the star of the evening as the stylists are working on your outfit and stunning hair. Did we mention the beautiful scenery and the breathtaking views of the mountains? These should also be included in the description!

  1. Fleur de Lys is a palace in Beverly Hills that is built in the European style. The combination of modern elements and luxury sites such as a ballroom make the estate a true gem among the houses in the Los Angeles area. A private library is a place you can go to when you feel like you are done with showing your guests around. Sounds like a brilliant plan!