The Only Grandson of Elvis Presley Passed Away at the Age of 27


My heart breaks for Lisa Marie especially.

The circumstances of the death of the King of Rock’nRoll, legendary Elvis’ grandson are somehow similar to how the singer himself died. Benjamin Keough was the grandson of the famous artist Elvis Presley, committed suicide on July 12. An autopsy showed that the cause of death was a “penetrating shotgun wound,” writes the Daily Mail.

The publication notes that 27-year-old Keough died in the bathroom of his mother’s mansion. He, sitting on the toilet, put a gun in his mouth and fired. The circumstances of the death are similar to the death of the king of rock and roll. The famous singer was also found in the bathroom.

It was believed that he was sitting on the toilet, and then, losing consciousness, fell to the floor. However, it later became known that the musician died from a large dose of medication. Benjamin’s mother, Lisa Maria, daughter of Elvis Presley, gave birth to him in 1992 from singer Danny Keough. Benjamin was a musician. He led a fairly closed lifestyle and tried his best to stay away from secular parties.

Elvis Presley died when he was 42 years old on 16th of August in 1977 in Memphis and his grave is in Graceland. Millions fans of the king of the great singer today honor his memory. People come together to the singer’s house, which has become a museum and traditionally light a candle. Elvis’ death is surrounded by many rumors and legends.

Many fans still do not believe that their idol is dead. News regularly appears in the press that people have seen Presley in one part of America. Like, the singer was hiding all this time, because he wanted peace and a normal life.

Watch the video below and get to know better about this sad news about grandson of the great artists of all times! We wish to be strong to his family! This is not easy to lose the beloved person.